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Llewyn Monthly | 15 Months

Now that Llewyn is over a year old, I decided I would cut back his monthly photos to every 3 months until he’s 2, and then reevaluate after that. So that brings us to now, his 15 month photos! Which, he actually turns 16 months tomorrow and I can’t even believe how fast time is going! Where has my baby gone?!


This has been SUCH a fun few months and some of the highlights are:

  • Took his first steps at 14 months and really started walking at 15 months
  • Has 5 teeth now! (He’s taking his time with them, apparently :)
  • Loves saying “Hi!” along with Mama & Dada (but he says Mama a lot more these days)
  • Knows where his hair, eyes, teeth, chest, tummy, toes, ears and legs are! And always repeats “tee” when you say teeth
  • Can make a little “arf arf” sound for a doggy
  • LOVES books and knows which ones are which when you tell him to get a specific one
  • Just transitioned down to one nap, and we’re working on getting that to be longer for mommy’s sake….
  • Gives high-fives and fist bumps
  • Loves music and dancing
  • Is still so snuggly and his favorite daily thing is to grab his lion, the white living room blanket (which he thinks is his) a book and to climb up into mine or Aaron’s lap
  • Hanging out on the small side, still, but healthy and right around the 15th % on growth charts
  • Favorite foods are oatmeal, cheese, avocado and sweet potato


Love this kid so so much. It really is incredible how independent he’s becoming and how he already seems so grown up to me. His personality is so fun, and it truly is a joy to do daily life with him. Aaron and I are so very blessed and I can’t wait to continue to get to know the little person he’s becoming! :)

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