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Baby #2 Bumpdate | Weeks 18 – 21

It’s been a few weeks, so time for another bump update! I love looking at the physical evidence of this little babe growing inside and it will be fun to be able to compare them from start to finish with Llewyn’s photos when all is said and done.

A few Q&A’s:

  • How are you feeling? Really great overall! Having a bit of sciatic nerve issues, though thankfully not constantly – just when I sit/move certain ways. Looking into what can be done to keep it at bay, though, as I definitely don’t want it to work its way into being severe since I still have 18-20 weeks left to go! But aside from that I’m feeling well and my energy level is pretty good!
  • Did you find out the gender? YES!! If you missed the Instagram post, we are so excited that we are having a GIRL this time! Her name is Margot Eisley and I’m having such a great time planning her nursery and wardrobe and all the things. :)
  • Any highlights from the last few weeks? Llewyn getting really excited anytime we have an appointment with our midwives and exclaiming “baby heartbeat!” (he loves getting to hear it and even pretends with stuffed animals sometimes that he’s listening to the baby’s heartbeat…cue the heart melting).

Grateful for a healthy, smooth pregnancy thus far and praying it continues that way!

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