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WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Thank you to all who entered this give-away! It was so much fun to read about everyone’s favorite things and how much of a hit the mug warmer is! It’s sad that so few people know about them, but I’m glad I helped enlighten you all to their wonder. :) With that said, […]

It’s Christmas Eve, and I finished all of my wrapping YESTERDAY (that’s a whole day earlier than normal!), have enjoyed 3 Christmas movies with family so far (over the last 2 days), and just conquered the grocery store with my Mom in preparation for family coming this afternoon and tomorrow. I just love this season […]

Christmas is just a FEW days away! It’s hard to believe that’s true, but it is! I’m hopping in a car with Aaron, my brother & his room mate to make the trek to Indiana this afternoon, and I can’t wait to spend the next week with family and friends doing all sorts of Christmassy […]

It’s Monday, and we all know that usually means we could use a little extra help feeling happy and getting excited about the week ahead of us. So today I thought I would just share with you two of my favorite musical mash-up videos. I kind of LOVE it when people take multiple songs, or […]

It’s time for our third give-away, folks! And I’m suuuuper excited about it. If you love vintage things and jewelry, this give-away is a match made in heaven just for YOU! Tell us your names, and three of your favorite things: We’re sisters, Kathy Lareau (left) and Irene Hitchcock (right). Kathy enjoys family, Relinked Relics […]