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At this point, many photographers have blogged about the pros and cons of doing a First Look on your wedding day, and while I may not have anything new or different to say, I wanted to finally share with you all why I LOVE First Looks both as a photographer, AND as a bride. So, […]

Today I’m introducing you to my little camera bag family, and what specific purpose each one fills in my shooting/traveling life. Four bags might be a lot – I don’t honestly know how many bags other photographers have/use, but whether it’s weird or not, I love all four of these bags and they each have […]

I’ve been wanting to introduce a blog series that will allow me to post, from time to time, more about my workflow, my shooting, how I approach weddings, etc, as one of the requests has been for me to post more educational stuff in the mix of photoshoots and personal life. But I wanted it […]