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Do you ever hit that point where life just kind of….stalls? Maybe you’re planning your wedding, and what was suddenly fun and exciting, has become a chore that you just don’t want to deal with anymore. Maybe you’re a creative that’s been running your own business for a few years and where inspiration used to […]

One of my favorite parts about Mondays is following along with everyone’s “get stuff done” mantras as they fill up their coffee cups and set out to start their week on a successful note. Mondays, as we all know, are sometimes TOUGH days. But today, I’ve got a lot to be grateful for. So, I […]

Before having Llewyn, I had a pretty good daily routine. Woke up, exercised, did my Bible reading, and then sat down for the various tasks of work (which I also scheduled out based on what needed to be done). But for the last 7 months, I’ve gone through different phases of what worked and what […]

There will be more 2015 recap posts coming at you next week, but on this, the final day of the year, as I contemplate what I want the clean slate of 2016 to look like I’m filled with gratitude of what a great year it’s been. Many things have changed, and there are new challenges to […]

So, it’s Wednesday. And for the first time during an active Wardrobe Wednesday season….I don’t have any content ready to post. Since I just got back yesterday from our Thanksgiving trip out to Michigan to visit my family, I really didn’t have time to shoot an outfit or come up with an alternative. When I […]