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White pumpkins and eucalyptis? The perfect backdrop for a little ring bling, if you ask me. Fall weddings are just my favorite, and this Saturday’s was the perfect way to end my 2015 wedding season. Can’t wait to share more of Emma & Patrick’s day soon, but for today, I leave you with just a […]

On Sunday at church we started a series on generosity. While most people assume that means it’s going to be all about money, our Pastor actually kicked it off saying money was going to be a very small portion of it. Rather, that generosity is a mindset, a way of life, not simply about how […]

Lately, I’ve really found myself drawn to the beauty and simplicity of subtle greenery. Vines, plants, leaves….I just love how it really doesn’t need any floral dressing up to look stunning. Vibrant greens set against soft neutrals are just a dream-team, if you ask me. So, when I was recently looking back through some of […]

If you have yet to catch the vision of the #CommunityOverCompetition movement amongst photographers and other fellow creatives, it’s something I highly suggest you look into. It’s what drives me as part of this industry, and I’m so excited to see the waves that are being created by some amazing friends of mine like Natalie and […]

I’m so excited to share these photos, today. Not just because it was my first-ever time visiting the absolutely charming city of Charleston (that completely lived up to all the hype, by the way) but because of what these photos, and this trip, represent. For anyone who may have been following me (and any of […]