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It’s unbelievable that Llewyn is ALMOST A YEAR OLD (as of next Monday)! But I’m cherishing the rest of him being 11-months and excited to share his photos today! Things of note from this month: Went on his first roadtrip (9 hours) and did great! Cut his first tooth (!!!!) Finally hit 18 pounds (and […]

Continuing with my tradition of not posting his monthly photos until he’s almost already the NEXT month’s age….hah. Excited to show off 10-month-Llewyn today! WHAT a month it’s been. Here are some of the main bullet points! Just DAYS after being over the stomach bug and finally eating again, I gave him some peanut butter […]

My sweet, snuggly, smiley boy is already over 9 months old! And it’s been a rocky month, so far, with his first sicknesses and some concerns about his weight gain. But even in spite of that, he has been such a joy. Even in the midst of sickness, he would laugh and play and of course […]

My goodness how time is flying! This month has been such a fun one. Some of the highlights have been: Beginning to army crawl Rocks back and forth on hands and knees Says “mama” (!!!) and working on “dada” Eats more food. The only non-pureed food he’s done well with so far is banana. But […]

My baby boy is just getting more and more fun with each month that passes! This has been a really great month and particularly encouraging to me because we FINALLY made it past our sleeping difficulties! It’s truly amazing how much better life feels when you’re not perpetually exhausted. So here are the highlights: SLEEPING […]