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My goodness how time is flying! This month has been such a fun one. Some of the highlights have been: Beginning to army crawl Rocks back and forth on hands and knees Says “mama” (!!!) and working on “dada” Eats more food. The only non-pureed food he’s done well with so far is banana. But […]

My baby boy is just getting more and more fun with each month that passes! This has been a really great month and particularly encouraging to me because we FINALLY made it past our sleeping difficulties! It’s truly amazing how much better life feels when you’re not perpetually exhausted. So here are the highlights: SLEEPING […]

Can’t believe this little guy’s 6th month has already come and gone! He’s changed so much and is gaining more and more skills. I love seeing his personality coming out. A few highlights from this age: Started rolling a lot more (hard to keep him on his play mat!) Likes to do a “scrunch face” […]

My sweet boy is growing so fast! He turns 6 months next week….so I figured I’d better get his 5 month photos shared before that happens! At 5 months he’s a lot more mobile than before – rolls over a lot more, and continues to have fun playing on both his tummy & back, and […]

So, Llewyn actually turns 5 months today, but since I’m still a little behind on sharing these, I’m going with his 3 & 4 month photos. It’s totally crazy how much he’s growing and changing. These have been wonderful and hard months, but the joys have far outweighed the struggles! The biggest things of note […]