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So, here’s the truth: sometimes as a newly postpartum mama, you just need to take a minute to make yourself feel put together and steal away for a little solace. Having a baby and adjusting to that life change, plus your “new” body, is no small thing. And I’m going to be real honest: I don’t […]

  • Sarah Bradshaw - I adore the Emma (and have it in both Navy & Green!). I NEVER would’ve thought to turn it backwards, but it’s gorgeous!!!!!! And you’re brilliant!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - I have the Samantha and it is my favorite happy dress for sad days. And it is also my favorite thing to go swing and square dancing in.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Holbrook - I love the Samantha, and would style it with a modern twist on classic 1940s.ReplyCancel

  • Kathryn J - I love the Emma! I would style it with a bright red jacket, and red cloche hat for winter.ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa Collins - I LOVE the Emma! Brilliant idea to turn it backwards for nursing! <3 I'd love adding a blazer to it to dress it up and would wear it with black booties or my dark brown tall Frye boots.ReplyCancel

  • Katy Moss - I would LOVE a navy Emma! And may I just say how nice it is to have a Tall option? I rarely wear dresses because it’s hard to find nice ones that come somewhere near your knees if you’re 5’9″. As a mom to two (working on three!), I’d probably just style it with the sapphire necklace my husband gave me a couple Christmasses ago.ReplyCancel

  • Debra Collins - Love my Emma!! Hoping to get the Emma in Black too
    This company is amazing. ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Felicia Walters - I would pair the Samantha with tights and booties!ReplyCancel

When it came to envisioning how a second labor and birth might go, one thing is for sure: I prayed it would be shorter, smoother & more efficient than Llewyn’s was. Granted, it wouldn’t have taken much to beat 8 days past the due date in painful prodromal labor (with terrible back labor), pushing for […]

When it came to brainstorming what I wanted to do for Margot’s nursery, I knew right off the bat it was not going to be highly feminine in color. The reality is I’m just not a pink person, and I wanted this room to be something that I enjoyed being in. I definitely wanted it to […]

  • Angie - This room is gorgeous! And so is your sweet girl. 😊
    I always love looking at your home room designs
    and this is no exception. It’s beautiful! 💕ReplyCancel

  • Shelby Goodman - So so cute! The shelves are my favorite!!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Rogers - The ‘Margot & Mama’ book is just SO sweet. Love it!ReplyCancel

In honor of Margot being over a week old now, I figured it was time to share the last installment of bump photos! I’m truly grateful that we made it all the way to full term, even though the last weeks seemed to drag on forevvvver. When you feel huge, and tired, and are chasing […]

In honor and celebration of today – Margot’s official due date – I figured I would share what’s in my hospital bag! While there are lots of lists out there on the interwebs that give great tips for what to pack, I know I always enjoy reading what seems to be important to different individual […]

  • Karen - Baby finger nail clippers! Brynna had the LONGEST finger nails when she was born, I don’t like the baby gloves, and the hospital had no clippers (which was weird to me). It’s now a must for this time around. Praying for you in these final (hopefully) hours or days! <3ReplyCancel

    • Tori - Ohh, good idea! Never would have thought of that!!ReplyCancel

  • Joyce - I overpacked for my first birth experience but completely loved having a diffuser with lavender EO, and a large body pillow and knit blanket from home. Being wrapped up in personal home goods made the hospital room feel more like my own bedroom. I also brought a large blue yoga ball since I knew I was planning on having a natural birth and a CD with birthing music. In hind sight I’ll probably want all of these creature comforts again but not the plethora of outfits, swaddles, and clothes for me. I didn’t anticipate hiw much time we would spend in bed skin to skin. Great list!!ReplyCancel

    • Tori - Those are great! I did a natural birth, too, but the hospital had a birth ball that I used so I didn’t bother to take my own. My doula also had lavender EO which was great (so soothing and calming)….but I guess that’s why it didn’t make my list, because I know my doula + the hospital have those things so I don’t have to worry about taking them! (Which is awesome!) But wouldn’t have thought about the body pillow or blanket – though I can see how they would be so comforting! Truthfully I’m just anticipating that I won’t actually be laboring that long at the hospital…haha, but I guess we shall see! Thanks for sharing your faves! :DReplyCancel