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In honor and celebration of today – Margot’s official due date – I figured I would share what’s in my hospital bag! While there are lots of lists out there on the interwebs that give great tips for what to pack, I know I always enjoy reading what seems to be important to different individual […]

  • Karen - Baby finger nail clippers! Brynna had the LONGEST finger nails when she was born, I don’t like the baby gloves, and the hospital had no clippers (which was weird to me). It’s now a must for this time around. Praying for you in these final (hopefully) hours or days! <3ReplyCancel

    • Tori - Ohh, good idea! Never would have thought of that!!ReplyCancel

  • Joyce - I overpacked for my first birth experience but completely loved having a diffuser with lavender EO, and a large body pillow and knit blanket from home. Being wrapped up in personal home goods made the hospital room feel more like my own bedroom. I also brought a large blue yoga ball since I knew I was planning on having a natural birth and a CD with birthing music. In hind sight I’ll probably want all of these creature comforts again but not the plethora of outfits, swaddles, and clothes for me. I didn’t anticipate hiw much time we would spend in bed skin to skin. Great list!!ReplyCancel

    • Tori - Those are great! I did a natural birth, too, but the hospital had a birth ball that I used so I didn’t bother to take my own. My doula also had lavender EO which was great (so soothing and calming)….but I guess that’s why it didn’t make my list, because I know my doula + the hospital have those things so I don’t have to worry about taking them! (Which is awesome!) But wouldn’t have thought about the body pillow or blanket – though I can see how they would be so comforting! Truthfully I’m just anticipating that I won’t actually be laboring that long at the hospital…haha, but I guess we shall see! Thanks for sharing your faves! :DReplyCancel

Two types of people I especially love to photograph: mothers-to-be and fellow-creatives. So it’s a perfect match when those two are combined for a fun afternoon lifestyle session! I had such a great time adventuring around my favorite local vintage market with Jill back in August. It was a perfect time to finally connect with her, […]

Do you ever find yourself struggling to just take a deep satisfying breath? On a physiological level, I struggle with this if I’m dealing with stress or anxiety in my life, though thankfully it doesn’t happen as often as it used to in years past – which I hope to say means I’ve learned to […]