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There’s nothing like being about to move that makes you finally take the office photos you’ve been wanting to do for, oh, two+ years. Hah! But better late than never. This space has been such a blessing and such a beautiful work place that I wanted to share it. While I’m excited for the challenge […]

The reality is our lives sometimes feel like they’re running us, instead of us LIVING them – you know what I mean? Right now, I’m in one of those seasons. We are in the process of transition, while still living out the daily grind. While I scaled back my workload for Jan & Feb in […]

The actual biggest loss would be a ton of creatives who are burnt out and don’t love their lives or businesses anymore because the priorities got out of whack. I think we should CHANGE the industry by changing the way we approach it and interact with it. I had a brief chat with a friend […]

Before having Llewyn, I had a pretty good daily routine. Woke up, exercised, did my Bible reading, and then sat down for the various tasks of work (which I also scheduled out based on what needed to be done). But for the last 7 months, I’ve gone through different phases of what worked and what […]

As I’m finishing up my 2016 goals, and soon ready to share them, I always like to be vulnerable and take an honest look on last year’s to see how they ended up. This is for two reasons 1) I think it’s so important to look back and see what worked, and what didn’t. How else […]