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When it came to envisioning how a second labor and birth might go, one thing is for sure: I prayed it would be shorter, smoother & more efficient than Llewyn’s was. Granted, it wouldn’t have taken much to beat 8 days past the due date in painful prodromal labor (with terrible back labor), pushing for […]

When it came to brainstorming what I wanted to do for Margot’s nursery, I knew right off the bat it was not going to be highly feminine in color. The reality is I’m just not a pink person, and I wanted this room to be something that I enjoyed being in. I definitely wanted it to […]

In honor of Margot being over a week old now, I figured it was time to share the last installment of bump photos! I’m truly grateful that we made it all the way to full term, even though the last weeks seemed to drag on forevvvver. When you feel huge, and tired, and are chasing […]

In honor and celebration of today – Margot’s official due date – I figured I would share what’s in my hospital bag! While there are lots of lists out there on the interwebs that give great tips for what to pack, I know I always enjoy reading what seems to be important to different individual […]

I’ve gotten a little behind on my bumpdate posts, and truthfully missed a couple weeks of even GETTING a photo. Turns out keeping up with things the 2nd time around just gets harder – hah! But, I’m so grateful for how smoothly this pregnancy has gone, and that we are on the home stretch, now! […]