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I don’t know about you, but I love seeing what other photographers and wedding vendors choose to wear on a wedding day. There seem to be two basic lines of reasoning: 1) go all black to look professional, and blend in with the other vendors, or 2) don’t wear all black so you don’t look […]

I’ve had a couple of newer photographers ask me for input on wedding day timelines, recently, so I thought I would go ahead and blog the way that I go about scheduling, and spacing out a wedding day timeline. About two years ago I implemented a great practice that I learned of from  Zach & Jody – […]

Hey friends! It’s high-time for another My Method installment and as I was thinking through potential topics one that came to mind was engagement sessions. Some of you may be wondering just what a “complimentary engagement session” actually is. I occasionally get questions about it from potential clients, and so I thought it would be […]

Since wedding previews are taking over my Monday posts, lately, I’m making an exception and posting a “My Method” on a Tuesday. I hope you don’t mind! Especially since today’s is a fun and special installment! A couple months back, my fabulous friend Lauryn Galloway and I tag-teamed a ShowitLive session, together. What is ShowitLive, […]