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Do you ever find yourself struggling to just take a deep satisfying breath? On a physiological level, I struggle with this if I’m dealing with stress or anxiety in my life, though thankfully it doesn’t happen as often as it used to in years past – which I hope to say means I’ve learned to […]

I apologize right from the start for the over-share amount of photos in this post. But Paula could not have more perfectly captured – even better than I imagined – this sweet, sweet season in my family. Celebrating this pregnancy with our baby girl, anticipating her soon arrival, while also capturing for the last time […]

Friends, if you’ve been following my Instagram over the last few months, then you may have picked up on the fact that the possibility of change has been on the horizon. After Aaron transitioned out of his job of 8 years, we really had no idea what the next best step for us was, but […]

As we wind down the last days of 2016, I am in one of the most interesting seasons of my life in basically all ways. Aaron is in a job transition that is causing us to get our house ready to go on the market ASAP and prepare for a potential move (wish me luck […]

Over the weekend Aaron and I made a quick trip up to New Haven to visit our good friends who moved there from Richmond back in May. My Mom was in town and able to stay with Llewyn (which was good practice for me, since I’d only been away from him for one overnight up […]