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Anniversary Photos in Mexico with Pattengale Photography


Today, this very day, 9 years ago I started “forever” with Aaron Watson. He’s not one to appreciate a lot of PDA or public doting on him, so I’ll try to contain myself….but it’s not overstating it to say that these have been the best 9 years of my life. They have been far from perfect, and they’ve had hardship, confusion, sadness, discouragement, and a lot of unknowns at different times. But they’ve also had a lot of joy, fulfillment, love, patience, grace, forgiveness, excitement, adventure, presence and purpose. 9 years of life alongside Aaron has truly been the greatest gift of my life, and I’m so very grateful for how much we’ve grown together in this time, and for all the future growth we will do, as well. He’s honestly so much fun, plans the best vacations, is an incredible dad, dedicated husband, servant-through-action, foodie, chef & baker extraordinaire, movie buff, and even more handsome than the day we met.

I was super grateful that we had the chance to steal away on vacation last month to celebrate our anniversary a little early at an incredible resort, and with my brother & sister-in-law plus some good friends, Tara & Stephen (who you may remember from their amazing wedding a couple years ago). They were kind enough to do a quick little shoot for us and I love having some updated photos of the two of us to mark this time in our marriage and relationship. Had to share a few of my favorites. :)

Photos by Tara, edited by me, taken at UNICO 2087

Happy 9 years, Aaron! Here’s to the next 9 and all the many many more after that!

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