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Friends, it’s UNREAL to me that this is my last Wardrobe Wednesday of this pregnancy! Even if I’m still pregnant after this week (but crossing fingers I won’t be….) I’ll be holding off on any new outfit posts until after Margot arrives and I start to get my footing with my postpartum body. I’m sure that […]

I cannot express how happy I am that we’ve finally had several amazing days of early Fall weather around here. Just cool enough to not be sweaty and uncomfortable, but still warm enough to enjoy time outside without having to add too many layers. Literally perfection. I hope we have a lot more of these upper […]

If anyone remembers this post from almost exactly a year ago, first introducing the wonderful new Virginia Dare Dress Co., then you know this follow up one is extra meaningful and exciting. My dear friend Rebekah – with the help of so many wonderful folks who supported her vision via Kickstarter – has seen her dream of […]

I may have limited wardrobe items to choose from when pregnant, but I’m always looking for new ways to wear them so they still feel fresh and fun. And one thing I know is that black, white and mustard (or caramel brown) is always a winning combo. So I stumbled across this inspiration photo on […]

This look is actually duel-purpose. When I first went on the search for a simple striped above-the-knee maternity dress, the thought was that it would be something I could easily dress up or down (which it is), as well as something that would pair well with a lot of different types of layers over it. […]