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As most photographers I know at this time of year, I’m swamped with editing and trying to get things done for clients before the holidays. Somedays the to-do list looks unachievable and you begin the day already acknowledging you will have way more coffee than you should, and quite possibly have no other human contact that […]

There are a lot of titles and descriptions that can be applied to me. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Middle Child. Photographer. Business Owner. Fashion Lover. Tea Drinker. Homeowner. Cat Enthusiast. Blogger. I am all of those things – or rather, all of those things are part of who I am, but none of them in and of themselves encompass […]

Hey friends! It’s high-time for another My Method installment and as I was thinking through potential topics one that came to mind was engagement sessions. Some of you may be wondering just what a “complimentary engagement session” actually is. I occasionally get questions about it from potential clients, and so I thought it would be […]

Last week my sweet friends Katelyn & Michael hosted a huge cook “in” (since it rained ;) for our local SHARE group (members who use the Showit website company) and I was reminded all over again how wonderful it is to have such a huge group of friends in this industry. It’s become a normal […]

I’ve been wanting to introduce a blog series that will allow me to post, from time to time, more about my workflow, my shooting, how I approach weddings, etc, as one of the requests has been for me to post more educational stuff in the mix of photoshoots and personal life. But I wanted it […]