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I CANNOT believe it’s already May, guys. Seriously?! This year is flyyyying by, and I’m not sure I’m ok with that! I’m especially not ok with the amount of things that went unaccomplished on my list for April. But, sometimes that’s how life is. April was still a great (& busy!) month with a lot […]

This post is coming a few days late, but still within the first week of the month which I consider a win! April is a particular favorite because it’s my birthday month (in fact, this year I share my getting-older with the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection!) and a generally lovely time of year, as the […]

Happy Monday, friends! If you follow me at all on Facebook or Twitter, you may have discovered that I had a really great weekend hanging out with my parents! It was their first time getting to come visit me and Aaron here in Virginia, and it was fun to have low-key hangout time, as well […]

Time to get back into posting monthly goals (as originally inspired by Katelyn), and as it’s not TOO far into the month, yet, I figured today would be a good time for that! As usual, I have a list for Personal Goals, and one for Business Goals. So, what am I aiming for this month? […]