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Well, friends, I’ve finally made it through the Power Sheets and have gotten to the point of setting my 2014 goals. I will still be breaking them down into monthly accomplishments along the way, but since it’s taken most of January to really dig into what I wanted to focus on this year my only […]

YOU GUYS. How can this year already be almost over?! I’m so not ready for 2014, yet. I mean, I’m excited for it, but I always have grand plans that I’ll somehow be super organized to ring in the new year with my goals all in order and ready to accomplish! But you know what, […]

October was a pretty wonderful month. A pretty busy month, as well. Kind of crazy that it came and went so fast, and we’re already over halfway into November! It was full of happy things like actually attending a wedding with Aaron, going to not one but TWO costume parties, doing some DIY mantle decorating, shooting […]

September was a great month, although I hated having Aaron gone for almost 2 weeks of it. But in spite of that downside, a lot of wonderful things happened. Most notably, by brother got MARRIED (in New Mexico)! So that was a wonderful time of celebration and it was so happy to see family & […]

It’s definitely time to get my September goals posted, now that we’re halfway through the month already! One day I really will get better at scheduling these posts for the beginning of the month where they belong…. (then again, maybe it’s fun just to keep you guessing as to when it’ll be posted each month… ;) […]