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Seriously unbelievable that August is already here. That today marks the 1-year anniversary of my sister’s wedding, and just about the 1-month-away mark for my brother’s wedding! Cuh-ray-zeee. I feel like such an old person saying “this year is flying by!” but I mean, for real. It is. July was a wonderful and welcomed break from […]

Every month it catches me off guard how QUICKLY the next month comes and that it’s already time (or past time!) to post goals, again. I know these aren’t the most fun posts to read, probably, but it’s been so good for me to publicly list things out and see what I accomplish. And even […]

Whew. Life has been crazy since June started, but today it’s finally time to look at what my goals have been and are for the month, and peek back at May! A lot of happy things took place in May, such as being the first full month in our new home, having quality time with […]

YOU GUYS. How can it already be May?! This year is going to be half over before we even know it! Totally crazy. But April was a really great month, with some pretty momentous happenings! Such as my sister-in-law getting married, turning 27, buying our first house, shooting a handful of engagement sessions, National Sibling […]

March was an action-packed month, with my first wedding of the year AND being in a friend’s wedding – both in Texas, and both involving old friends I haven’t seen in years! I also got to see my brother and his girlfriend twice, finally saw Les Mis live for the first time, survived a Spring […]