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I’m so happy it’s Friday – the end to a wonderful week, and the start to an expectedly great weekend! Tomorrow I head to DC to second shoot for my dear friend Sarah, which always proves to be a good time, and it’ll be great to get back into the wedding scene, as my first […]

It took me far too long to finally jump on the Downton bandwagon, but now that I have and I’ve already finished Season 2, whatever am I going to do until Season 3 comes out? And why, oh why, must it take so long to get to the US? I’m not even sure I yet […]

Sometimes Mondays are the refreshing start to a new week, and sometimes they’re a panicked catch-up from the weekend….and today feels a little bit like the combination of both. I’m happy to be starting a new week, and I’ve been LOVING the Spring weather. Somehow nice temperatures and bits of sunshine just make me feel […]

So, as I mentioned a time or two, my siblings were in town visiting from last Wednesday to this Wednesday for my brother’s Spring Break, and it was SO NICE to get time to hang out with both of them! It was kind of like old times, and yet, in some ways so much better. […]

  I’ve officially been home from Vegas and WPPI for three full days, now, but I’m still processing all that I learned, and what I want to say about it. So, while my recap post isn’t yet ready, I’ve missed blogging for the past week, so I knew I needed to put SOMETHING up, today. […]