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It’s Friday, and while I still have a lot to accomplish before I call it quits for the weekend, I’m excited for some relaxed & quality time with my Mom over the next few days (who is currently driving in from Indiana). Aaron just left this morning for a week and a half, and normally […]

To say that I love these photos would be an understatement. There were so many days I dreamt of being able to do a session like this, and wondering if or when the day would come. So, looking at them is almost surreal. But they couldn’t have turned out more perfectly for the vision I had […]

Fridays are always happy days, because the weekend is nearly upon us! But this weekend is holding some extra special stuff. I’m having my 3rd and final baby shower and Aaron’s parents + siblings are all coming out for it and to visit for a couple days! It’ll be the first time we’ve had them all […]

I’m so excited to share these photos, today. Not just because it was my first-ever time visiting the absolutely charming city of Charleston (that completely lived up to all the hype, by the way) but because of what these photos, and this trip, represent. For anyone who may have been following me (and any of […]

Annnnd just like that, we’re back from our little spontaneous adventure to paradise, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect or lovely get-away together. So much time to just rest, relax, read and just be. I chose not to travel with my actual camera, as somehow that felt like adding stress to the trip […]