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I’m attending a ladies craft night tomorrow night where we will all bring our own project to work on while getting to hang out with each other. They’re always so fun, but I found myself without a craft to work on! So this, of course, got me scouring Pinterest for what I should do as […]

For the second week in a row, I’m shooting a wedding today, and don’t have one tomorrow. It’s a little weird to be shooting on a “regular” work day, and then still have a full weekend to enjoy – but I definitely don’t mind it! It does make make the rest of my work week […]

You may have noticed that the blog was a little silent last week, and that’s because I had the chance to go to Indiana to visit my family while Aaron was away on a work trip. It was so good to catch up with my parents, get quality time with my sister (and see the new […]

In honor of the Type A Society give-away I just entered (and you should, too!) I posted three things that make me a little Type A. And that got me thinking that perhaps it’s time for another installment of Friday Fun Facts since the last one I did was over two years ago! So, in […]

This handsome man joins me in the ranks of 28, today! (Yes, I’m 4 months older….cradle robber, I know.) So, a little birthday shout out to my one-and-only is in order! (Photo by Cody Edger. Breaking it down at a recent wedding he was in.) Aaron isn’t one for excessive attention, and he doesn’t usually […]