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Many of you are probably familiar with Delight, by now. It’s a wonderful non-profit organization for girls 14-20 who are passionate about the Lord, and pursuing some type of skill/career in the creative arts field (many of which are photographers). It’s an amazing community for these girls to connect with each other, support and encourage […]

I am in the throws of wedding season, like everyone else in this industry, and in the middle of one of my busiest shooting weeks, so far. It’s so easy to get to this point and feel overwhelmed, feel behind (since I have quite a load of editing to catch up on), and feel like I just […]

Today is not our wedding anniversary, or the anniversary of when we started dating or got engaged. It’s nothing special, just a Tuesday. But these regular, normal days are what life is made up of. Marriage in the everyday is where both the hardships are worked through, and the magic of living life with someone […]

Yesterday was certainly a gorgeous day for Easter here in Richmond. There’s something about sunshine and blooming flowers that only seem to emphasize the joy and realty of a risen, living, victorious Savior. Not that those truths aren’t just as amazing on cold, rainy days….but it did my heart good, nonetheless. It was also perfect […]

Man, a year comes and goes in no time, these days. It’s crazy to think that at this time last year, we were in the process of closing on our house. Spring is such a wonderful season, and I love getting to look back each year on my birthday to see all that God has […]