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You’ll be hard pressed as you scroll through today’s post NOT to feel the contagious joy of this sweet couple. Camellia & Matt may have had their plans slightly thwarted a bit by rain that insisted on showing up, but you’d never know it! Their day was full of laughter, joy and love and so […]

  • Maria Campanelli - You captured Captured Camellia and Matthews wedding perfectly.ReplyCancel

  • Camellia - TORI THIS IS UNREAL!!!!!!!!!! This blog post brings me to tears… even after the 500th time I’ve read it. You truly captured our day perfectly <3ReplyCancel

How on earth am I already writing this post?! It’s so surreal to me that my baby is 2 years old (and has been since June!). That he’s about to be a big brother. That we hold full conversations on the daily, and his personality is so expressive and unique. When is that point that […]

  • Rebekah Hoyt - We simply adore Llewyn and had such a wonderful time celebrating his birthday! I am so grateful to have you in the area, Tori, and am looking forward to many more memories with all of our kiddos!ReplyCancel

This look is actually duel-purpose. When I first went on the search for a simple striped above-the-knee maternity dress, the thought was that it would be something I could easily dress up or down (which it is), as well as something that would pair well with a lot of different types of layers over it. […]