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Renewal | Worship With TeenPact

Ok, so, you know how I posted yesterday about worship sessions at TeenPact being one of the most amazing parts of the ministry’s events? Well, it’s true. And the SUPER COOL thing is that they actually put out their latest worship album at the end of last year that featured some live songs from last year’s National Convention, as well as many recorded songs by several of the ridiculously talented people that have been involved with the ministry. (Note: I actually sing in an ensemble on one of the songs on the album, and some of my photos are also featured in the CD artwork :) Because of all the hard work they put into Renewal, they brought the crew back to National Convention THIS year to do a casual evening concert of several songs from the album. I wanted to share these photos 1) because I had a lot of fun taking them, but 2) so you could learn a little bit more about how talented TeenPacter’s really are, and how great the worship sessions really are. It’s SO cool to see so many talented, passionate young people from across the country come together on a project like this!

To HEAR some of this fabulous album, go here. (You can even order one, too!)

The amazing creatives (who are just SOME of the talented people that made this project happen) are Jeremiah Moore, Clayton Chambers, Lydia Shanks, Nate Kirby, Whitney Pritchett, Zach Chambers, Garrett Blaising, Mark Sunderland, & Ben Edmonds. It was so cool to have all of these folks back this year for this little reunion concert. :)

And again, if you’re interested in seeing all of the photos from the week’s events, you can check them out here!


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  • Jennoelle - Ahh…Lydia, the Chambers, Garrett…I miss these people! NC looks like it was wonderful. Your photos are simply fabulous, Tori–what did you use to shoot these? I love the way you use light. Off to look at the rest of your NC shots!ReplyCancel

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