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Tara & Stephen | Lifestyle Portraits


So, it’s pretty awesome to have really good-looking friends who are willing to be your subjects when you feel like shooting a particular kind of session. It’s also pretty cool when those good-looking friends start dating each other. These two fabulous people have been dear friends of mine for quite some time, but just started dating at the beginning of the year (and how cute of a couple do they make?!). When they both happened to be in town in March, they agreed to collaborate on a more editorial/lifestyle sort of session. I wanted to make their outfits and style elements almost as much a part of the shoot as them, to be somewhat of a hybrid between standard portraiture and a style shoot. I think mixing those elements along with a more editorial feel is my happy place. We definitely had a great time, and I love how it turned out. Excited to be sharing it with you all today! Hope you enjoy!

Richmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0001.jpgTara&Stephen_0107Richmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0004.jpgRichmond-Lifestyle-Couple-Portraits_0016.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0002.jpgRichmond-Lifestyle-Couple-Portraits_0005.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0006.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0008.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0007.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0018.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0021.jpgRichmond-Lifestyle-Couple-Portraits_0019.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0022.jpgRichmond-Lifestyle-Couple-Portraits_0010.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0023.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0012.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0024.jpgRichmond-Lifestyle-Couple-Portraits_0040.jpgRichmond-Lifestyle-Couple-Portraits_0025.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0041.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0043.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0033.jpgRichmond-Lifestyle-Couple-Portraits_0036.jpgTara&Stephen_0135Richmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0032.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0037.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0044.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0058.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0051.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0047.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0045.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0046.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0064.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0049.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0061.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0063.jpgRichmond-Lifestyle-Couple-Portraits_0059.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0052.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0053.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0048.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0056.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0066.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0055.jpgRichmond-Lifestyle-Couple-Portraits_0080.jpgRichmond-Lifestyle-Couple-Portraits_0068.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0075.jpgRichmond-Lifestyle-Couple-Portraits_0070.jpgRichmond-Lifestyle-Couple-Portraits_0076.jpgRichmond Lifestyle Couple Portraits_0069.jpgRichmond-Lifestyle-Couple-Portraits_0074.jpg

I mean, really. Aren’t they the cutest? And isn’t their style fantastic? Such a truly fun session. Thanks for being great models, guys!

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  1. Emily says:

    these are SO good. you nailed the sweet spot between editorial, lifestyle & portraits! love this set of images!

  2. danielle says:

    These are amazing! I was going to mention favorites but there are too many! Great job!

  3. Annamarie says:

    These are gorgeous Tori!! Beautifully done! And I adore her shoes and skirt from the first outfit!:)

  4. Allix says:

    These are incredible!!

  5. Elina says:

    These are fantastic!

  6. Rebekah Gates says:

    Probably my favorite photoshoot of a couple…Ever.
    You nailed it.
    My favorite is the full body-shot of them in front of the abstract wall art, there positioning over the angles of the artwork is perfect! Love it :)

  7. Rock it like a wall socket. Bam.

  8. Stop. What. Are you kidding me Tori?!! These are unreal. You ought to be soooo proud of this! I am amazed. This is true and stunning art, my friend. Something to be so proud of. Floored by your talent, truly.

  9. Rici says:

    this is just beautiful!! So great captured!

  10. Emily says:

    I am in LOVE with these photos!! You captured them absolutely perfectly <3

  11. Brittany says:

    favorite photo shoot of yours to date!!!! You did an incredible job, Tori!!!!!

  12. Tori, this shoot is incredibly artistic and stunning! Really lovely work!!

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