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Llewyn Monthly: Newborn – 2 Months


So, I’m not sure why I didn’t think to share these sooner, but with every month that passes I make sure to pull out my camera and document a few “real” photos of Llewyn, so that his whole life isn’t simply on the iPhone. I don’t do anything too crazy or fancy, I just want to have photos to look back on and see how he changed each month. And man! I can already see so many in these first three and a half months.

Since I’m starting from behind, I thought I’d share a few newborn photos up to two months, and then share months three and four together in a few weeks. So here we go!

While you’ve already seen our official newborn lifestyle session, these are a few that I snapped when he was about a week old to use for his birth announcements (which I’m still in the process of sending out – I’ve heard I officially have up to a whole year to get them out, so don’t judge. ;)

Llewyn Monthly Newborn to 2 Months_0001Llewyn Monthly Newborn to 2 Months_0004Llewyn Monthly Newborn to 2 Months_0002Llewyn Monthly Newborn to 2 Months_0007Llewyn Monthly Newborn to 2 Months_0005Llewyn Monthly Newborn to 2 Months_0006

At about two weeks old, sweet boy got really bad baby acne and cradle cap. So, that’s a definite part of what he was still going through at one month. It kind of hurt my mama heart to see his skin go through so much, but it worked itself out, like everyone said it would, and was cleared up by 6 weeks!

LMW_Monthly_0033-2 copyLlewyn Monthly Newborn to 2 Months_0008Llewyn Monthly Newborn to 2 Months_0011Llewyn Monthly Newborn to 2 Months_0009Llewyn Monthly Newborn to 2 Months_0010Llewyn Monthly Newborn to 2 Months_0012

I feel like there’s such a huge change from 1 month to 2 months. He really started to take on features that are “him” and not just newborn/baby, and as his eyesight got better and he made more eye contact, his expressions became more diverse. Started smiling a lot more, which of course I love. :)

Llewyn Monthly Newborn to 2 Months_0017Llewyn Monthly Newborn to 2 Months_0019Llewyn Monthly Newborn to 2 Months_0018Llewyn Monthly Newborn to 2 Months_0020Llewyn Monthly Newborn to 2 Months_0021

It’s so fun, and yet bittersweet, to watch him grow and change. I already have moments of not wanting my baby to grow up so fast, but of course I’m also so excited to see him grow and change and continue to become who he’s created to be. It’s going to be so fun to look back on all of these collectively at the end of the year!

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