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Travel Recovery, Falling Behind & Being Still



So, it’s Wednesday. And for the first time during an active Wardrobe Wednesday season….I don’t have any content ready to post. Since I just got back yesterday from our Thanksgiving trip out to Michigan to visit my family, I really didn’t have time to shoot an outfit or come up with an alternative. When I realized that (on the flight home yesterday) I decided I could either feel like it’s THE WORST FAILURE EVER….or, more realistically, share that it’s going to be okay if you miss a blogging deadline now and then.

It’s true that consistency is important when running your business, and when keeping up blog series, etc. But, truthfully? It’s also not life or business-ending if you fail to plan appropriately at some point and accidentally miss one. I’m preaching this to myself, because I hate inconsistency. But also, I just need to give myself grace a lot these days. Traveling takes a lot out of you, especially with a 5.5 month old who didn’t allow you to sleep much the night before traveling.

So, needless to say, this has been a slow recovery kind of morning. Enjoying time with Llewyn in between his naps, playing classic Christmas music, and enjoying the freshly decorated living room. Sometimes you just need mornings like that. If you find yourself in the same boat, then pour yourself another cup of coffee, sit cozy on your couch as you get some work done and know you’re in good company.

Here’s to daily grace, Christmassy work spaces, and taking time to slow down and just be still. (And fear not, Wardrobe Wednesday will be back with new content next week! ;)

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  1. Bethany Miller says:

    I think we all forgive you. :P haha. Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

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