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Llewyn Monthly: 6 Months


Can’t believe this little guy’s 6th month has already come and gone! He’s changed so much and is gaining more and more skills. I love seeing his personality coming out. A few highlights from this age:

  • Started rolling a lot more (hard to keep him on his play mat!)
  • Likes to do a “scrunch face” smile
  • Loves it when I sing to him
  • Dropped both of his night-time feedings naturally!
  • Loves grabbing his feet and eating his toes during diaper changes
  • Babbles a ton
  • Grabs toys with complete control and intention
  • Doesn’t like it when I walk away from him, and makes it known
  • Experience his first holiday season (photos to come!)
  • Can mostly sit up on his own, but still needs stabilization help or cushioning around him

6 months has been such a fun age, and I hear it just keeps getting better! Of course, every month has been fun, but I really do find that seeing him become more of who he’s going to be is so special and rewarding.

Llewyn Monroe 6 Months_0013 copyLlewyn Monroe 6 Months_0003Llewyn Monroe 6 Months_0005Llewyn Monroe 6 Months_0004Llewyn Monroe 6 Months_0008Llewyn Monroe 6 Months_0010Llewyn Monroe 6 Months_0002Llewyn Monroe 6 Months_0006

So in-love with my blue-eyed little boy! He’s healthy, growing great, and continues to be right around the 50th percentile. Truly blessed everyday for the vibrancy he brings to my life.

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