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One of my favorite parts about Mondays is following along with everyone’s “get stuff done” mantras as they fill up their coffee cups and set out to start their week on a successful note. Mondays, as we all know, are sometimes TOUGH days. But today, I’ve got a lot to be grateful for. So, I thought I would bring a little #MakeWavesMonday love to the blog! As I fill up my coffee and enjoy my favorite vintage mug, here’s what I’m excited about for today and this week:

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

  • Coral-colored nails because…happy.
  • A baby on the other side of sickness and seeming like his happy self again!
  • Spring blooms in my backyard. (Flowers make everything better)
  • The paint color in my living room. Hence the background in the photo above. It just makes me happy daily.
  • Two long-worked-on projects completed in the last two days!
  • Celebrating my first Easter with my little man, yesterday. Firsts are so fun!
  • A session I’m excited about shooting tomorrow!
  • Upcoming coffee-date with one of my faves.
  • New ideas & some fun tweaks for the business
  • Re-watching The Office and finding Jim & Pam’s story just as magical as ever. (Also, everything about this show. Might be my favorite sitcom of all time.)
  • The reminder that while everything I set my hand to matters, what matters MOST is how I respond to life, not what I succeed in or how much I accomplish. And that’s the kind of freedom I need to daily remember.

What is energizing YOU on this Monday? Whatever it is, and whatever is on your plate, I hope you find some happy ways to fuel yourself as you conquer your to-do’s!

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  1. I just worked my way through the Office again… Jim + Pam are hands-down the best TV couple EVER.

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