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Wardrobe Wednesday | Stripes & Denim Early Fall Style


The weather was amazing over this past weekend, and definitely gave me a taste for Fall. But, naturally, this week it’s heating back up. I love this limbo time, though, because it means I can make a few small changes – like close toed shoes instead of always sandals, and sleeves instead of so many tanks – but still enjoy not having to layer up just yet. And a winning combination in my book will always be denim and classic stripes. Add a belt and loafers and it’s a great modern-yet-vintage look.

Wardrobe Wednesday Stripes and Denim_0001

Inspiration photo source. All others taken by Kaytee Lauren, edited by me.

Wardrobe Wednesday Stripes and Denim_0002Wardrobe Wednesday Stripes and Denim_0003Wardrobe Wednesday Stripes and Denim_0011Wardrobe Wednesday Stripes and Denim_0008

Surely I’m not the only stripe-obsessed person out there, right? I actually used to only have one or two striped shirts in my wardrobe, and now I seem to keep adding every variation I can because they legitimately have different looks and uses…amiright?

Wardrobe Wednesday Stripes and Denim_0006Wardrobe Wednesday Stripes and Denim_0009Wardrobe Wednesday Stripes and Denim_0004Wardrobe Wednesday Stripes and Denim_0010

Skirt: J.Crew via ThredUp, $8 | Shirt: ThredUp, $5 | Shoes: Thrifted, $4 | Belt: Thrifted, $3 | Ring: Bought in NC, $35 | Sunglasses: Target, $14

Both this shirt and skirt are great finds from ThredUp, which you definitely¬†have to try out if you never have! I’ve gotten several items from there, now, at a fraction of the cost they’d be in store and the returns/exchanges have been super easy when something didn’t fit. Also a bonus that I’ve been able to sell some of my own clothes to them, too. Keeps the cycle of clothes being used and re-used and enjoyed by new owners when they’re no longer being used by their previous one, and I love that!

So here’s to the classics like denim & stripes, the slowly changing weather and thrifting online! :)

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  1. Resi says:

    So guilty! The percentage of striped clothes in my wardrobe keep growing… I just LOVE stripes!! Love your half-bun! You’re such an inspiration :) if I ever “lose” my curl (after having a baby or something?!) I’ll totally turn to you for inspiration! Lots of love from a fellow curly-girl

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