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Llewyn Monthly: 18 Months


Um, YOU GUYS HOW IS MY BABY SUCH A TODDLER?! He has grown up SO much in the last 3 months and it’s both shocking and so much fun. I’m in awe of the sweet little human that he is, and constantly learning anew what it means to parent a toddler (both the joys AND challenges of said age).

A few highlights of this age:

– He weighs 22.5 lbs and is just over 31″ tall
– He just had his 4th haircut (after I took these photos I decided it was a bit unruly…haha)
– He has 6 teeth, and loves “brushing” (aka chewing on the toothbrush) in the morning and evening
– Does really well feeding himself, though he LOVES to throw his spoon/fork on the ground and say “uh-oh” (sooo fun)
– Tasted a marshmallow & cookie for the first time (friends birthday party)
– Says SO many words such as: Mama, Dada, chair, car, ball, kitty, cheese, banana (ok, it’s “baba” but it’s consistent ;), Emma (his cousin’s name), TV (yeeeah), more, hi, bye, bath, caw-caw (which means “color”) and now please (“pease”) which he understands to add when asking for something. So fun being more conversational with him!
– Loves playing outside and is especially obsessed with finding (and holding) as many sticks as he can. Of which these photos are evidence. Haha.
– Loves playing with other kids at church and when we get together with friends
– “Helps” with sweeping and in general likes to be busy taking things out of drawers in the kitchen, my room, or anywhere that he can find ;)
– Loves listening to music, dancing and (when allowed) watching kid shows with lots of singing

I love this kid so, so much. This is such a fun age, and he still has plenty of cuddles for mama which makes me OH so happy. Can’t wait to continue watching him grow, helping him learn and explore and getting to know who he’s becoming! Also, HOW CUTE does he look in this sweater from Camplight Apparel? So fun collaborating with them on this piece. I just die over the little elbow pads!

Can’t wait to experience Christmas with him this year and to see him begin to understand and appreciate the magic of the season and the time together with family. :)

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  1. Clara Costello

    December 20th, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    He’s so precious, Tori! I miss your family, but it’s so cool to see Llewyn grow through these pictures.

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