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Baby #2 Bumpdate | Weeks 12-17


I’ve been meaning to get this post up for the past 2 weeks, but 6 weeks in one post instead of just 4 works, too. As with my first pregnancy, I wanted to document the baby bump for little Watson #2 week by week and thought it would be fun to share them here periodically, as well. So here’s the first several (photographed) weeks of life with sweet babe #2! :)

A few Q&A’s:

  • How are you feeling? I felt pretty bad from 6 – 13.5 weeks. Nauseous often, incredibly fatigued and gagged/threw up if I didn’t eat at just the right time. It was right in the midst of packing up everything in Richmond and moving up to Nova, as well as just keeping up with a toddler and it was a bit of a rough time. Grateful that’s passed and I’ve been feeling great since then!
  • Will you find out the gender again? Um, YES. We’re not good at being patient, and we can’t wait to know in just a few more weeks if Llewyn will be getting a brother or sister!
  • Are you sure it’s not twins? Haha, yes. The first ultrasound showed just one little nugget in there, so we’re assuming that was accurate… ;)
  • Any highlights so far? I love hearing Llewyn randomly say “baby girl” or “brother!” and whenever I ask him what’s inside mommy’s belly he exclaims “Baby!” It’s pretty exciting and I’m thinking he will be thrilled either way. :)

We are excited for this little one and praying for a continued smooth, healthy pregnancy!


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  1. Ashley@AttemptsatDomestication

    May 8th, 2017 at 3:28 pm

    You’re looking fabulous! Glad sickness has passed and you’re feeling better!! We miss you guys!

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