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Olive, Black & White Vintage Modern Baby Girl Nursery

When it came to brainstorming what I wanted to do for Margot’s nursery, I knew right off the bat it was not going to be highly feminine in color. The reality is I’m just not a pink person, and I wanted this room to be something that I enjoyed being in. I definitely wanted it to have feminine touches, and vintage elements, but an overall modern feel. And since Llewyn’s “anchor” color for his room is navy, I knew I wanted to stay away from that. So, enter one of my favorite color combos ever: olive green, black & white. Once I decided on olive I found these boho tribal curtains for a steal and began to base the other room decisions around that. I ALSO wanted to work as much with stuff we already had as possible, and keep this room on a tight budget. So I knew we’d be sticking with the white crib and using the mint dresser (even though I would have preferred a brown wooden one, this is what we had and what fit into the room, so I decided to make it work).

My parents gave us the rocking chair, and all I did was have the cushions recovered. In Llewyn’s room we had an IKEA Poang chair, but the height of the arm rests was never comfortable for nursing – leaving me to always have to finagle a pillow, and I wanted to prioritize comfort for those middle of the night feedings this time around. Rockers and gliders can be expensive, but getting a hand-me-down that I made one small change to was a great compromise and perfect solution for this room!

did want to have a few new/special elements for her room, and this floating shelf was one of those. I knew it was the perfect thing to bring in just a little bit of shelf space to display some cute decor, while also being a unique statement in and of itself. It’s also from one of my favorite shops ever and love that it’s a reclaimed wood, handmade piece.

This little gallery wall was so fun to put together! The embroidery piece was a custom one made just for Margot (if you couldn’t tell) by my wonderfully talented from Cristin of Marigold & Mars and I’m in love with it! It brings in the personalization and vintage/feminine charm that I was going for to offset the more modern black and white elements in the room. The dress was my grandmother’s baby gown and as she’s no longer living, it’s a very special and sentimental piece to have in the room, in addition to just genuinely thinking it’s beautiful. The rest of the framed art are actually free printables that I found after scouring Pinterest for a while, and the frames are all ones that I already owned.

I really had it in my head that I wanted a white fluffy footstool for her room, as well, and totally thought I’d find one for a reasonable price at Home Goods or Target. But, $65-$80 was just more than I wanted to pay and was the cheapest I could find. So, I had (what I think was a brilliant ;) idea to just get a small fluffy rug and put it over the footstool I already had from Llewyn’s room. Since Llewyn is now in a big boy room – and our current house has much smaller bedrooms than our other one – he doesn’t have a chair and foot stool in there anymore, so this worked out perfectly and was muuuuch more budget friendly, while still giving me the look I wanted. Win/win!

Since it’s a small room and we have a play area in our downstairs living space, I didn’t feel the need to have lots of toys or toy storage actually in her room (unlike I had with Llewyn’s). So we kept it fairly simple, so as to try to keep it feeling uncluttered. But I think the bits of art and decor and the rest of the coordinated black and white elements give it exactly the feel I was going for and I already love sitting in there to rock her (and Llewyn loves sitting in there with us playing on the floor and reading all of her books). It was such a fun room to design, and I can’t wait to see her grow and enjoy it! :)

Curtains: Threshold brand, via Ebay for $11/panel | Chair: Given to us, recovered for $50 | Throw Pillow: At Home, $9 | Footstool Rug: TJ Maxx, $14 | Two-Tiered Hanging Shelf: Fernweh Home, $46 | Crib: Amazon | Dresser: Craigslist several years back | PomPom Basket: Xinh & Co, won in a giveaway | “Hello” hoop & Margot embroidery piece: Marigold & Mars | “M” book letter: Old Lucketts Store, $15 | Lamp: Already owned | Side Table: Target clearance, $40 | Rug: At Home, $30 | Wire basket: Home Goods, $15

P.S. For baby boy nursery inspiration you can go back and check out Llewyn’s room!

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  • Angie - This room is gorgeous! And so is your sweet girl. 😊
    I always love looking at your home room designs
    and this is no exception. It’s beautiful! 💕ReplyCancel

  • Shelby Goodman - So so cute! The shelves are my favorite!!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Rogers - The ‘Margot & Mama’ book is just SO sweet. Love it!ReplyCancel

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