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What’s In My Hospital Bag?


In honor and celebration of today – Margot’s official due date – I figured I would share what’s in my hospital bag! While there are lots of lists out there on the interwebs that give great tips for what to pack, I know I always enjoy reading what seems to be important to different individual mamas.

Not everyone will want or need the same thing, and overall, I feel like I’m on the more minimal side for things that I need. (For instance, I don’t need to take my own pillow when I travel….so that’s not something that’s necessary for me in this setting, either). But for anyone interested, here are some of the things making it into my bag!

  • The comfiest robe from Cherisher Boutique – I’ve already been wearing this on a daily basis in these last days of lounging around the house with a giant belly. I love that it’s suuuuper soft jersey material, has a tie waist, but also buttons all the way down the front. It also comes just below my knees, so essentially when buttoned up and/or tied it’s like a gown. Because of this, I knew it would be the perfect thing to be able to throw over a nursing tank or bra and feel covered while in the hospital, but still really comfortable and not having to think about packing actual outfits if I’m ultimately mostly going to be lounging in bed.
  • Striped knotted newborn gown from Candy Kirby Designs – I’ve loved this style of baby gowns for a while, now, and thought it would be a really cute coming home or in-the-hospital outfit for Margot. Of course, I am taking a few onsies and a sleeper just to have some options since we won’t know what fits best, as well as one super soft swaddle blanket. But ultimately I say just throw in a few basics and one really cute thing (especially for photos) but don’t overdo it. Llewyn actually stayed in a blanket and diaper most of the time we were at the hospital with him because we just did tonnnns of skin to skin.
  • A few head bows (like the one pictured from Rosalie & Junie) – Of course I do want to have a cute accessory or two on hand for photos, etc. So, I picked 3 of my favorites bows that were in different sizes to have as options. :)
  • Baby Book or nice cardstock – This was a recommendation from my doula so that you can have something cute to get the footprints done on. With Llewyn, I didn’t think of this so his are cut out from the ugly blue hospital cardstock and put in his baby book, but a nice white one or the book itself is a much better idea! (P.S. I’m using a Promptly journal for Margot, and absolutely love this product!)
  • Toiletry basics/favorites – For me, this includes chapstick, face wipes, shampoo/conditioner, soap/body wash, lotion, hair products (mousse/hair spray), concealer, mascara, blush, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair ties and blowdryer. Just so I can feel good and put together after I shower if I want to, but with Llewyn I was SO out of commission after his birth I couldn’t have cared less about fixing my hair or doing my make-up. However, I want to have those things available to me should I want them this time around. :)
  • Earth Mama nipple butter – This was my favorite stuff last time around, so I’m throwing it in for the hospital stay since you never know how the initial breastfeeding experience will be.
  • My camera – With a fully charged battery and large memory card. I plan to have my doula snap some photos of our first moments after Margot is born, and also want to have it around for when Llewyn first visits, etc.
  • Phone & charger – This probably goes without saying, but it would be a bad one to forget!
  • Clothing options – I’m throwing in 2 nursing tanks, a comfortable sleep nursing bra, maternity leggings, and a shirt/sweater to wear with the nursing tank & leggings for coming home.
  • Slipper socks & flip flips – Last time around I definitely just wore the hospital provided socks when walking around and such, but I decided to throw in some of my own this time.
  • Snacks – Just a few protein heavy snacks in case they’re needed during labor or in the time after. I’m taking some Quest bars and sunflower seeds and some chocolate covered “nutty bits” from Trader Joe’s. But of course I fully realize I may just end up craving something specific and making a family member bring it to me. ;)

And that about wraps it up! Again, I know there are much more comprehensive lists out there, and things that other moms swear by and enjoy having, but for me this covers the things important to me, and everything else I’m perfectly happy using what the hospital provides. It means there’s less for us to remember to bring home afterwards and if I don’t end up using what I took, I don’t feel bad because I didn’t really cart that much with us.

If there’s anything vital you think I’m forgetting, though, I’d love to hear! And/or if you’ve shared what you packed or have a favorite post on this topic, link to it in the comments and I’d love to check it out!

Here’s hoping this makes Margot realize we’re fully ready for her arrival and she can come anytime now…. ;)

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  1. Karen

    October 16th, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    Baby finger nail clippers! Brynna had the LONGEST finger nails when she was born, I don’t like the baby gloves, and the hospital had no clippers (which was weird to me). It’s now a must for this time around. Praying for you in these final (hopefully) hours or days! <3

  2. Tori

    October 16th, 2017 at 9:01 pm

    Ohh, good idea! Never would have thought of that!!

  3. Joyce

    October 16th, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    I overpacked for my first birth experience but completely loved having a diffuser with lavender EO, and a large body pillow and knit blanket from home. Being wrapped up in personal home goods made the hospital room feel more like my own bedroom. I also brought a large blue yoga ball since I knew I was planning on having a natural birth and a CD with birthing music. In hind sight I’ll probably want all of these creature comforts again but not the plethora of outfits, swaddles, and clothes for me. I didn’t anticipate hiw much time we would spend in bed skin to skin. Great list!!

  4. Tori

    October 16th, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    Those are great! I did a natural birth, too, but the hospital had a birth ball that I used so I didn’t bother to take my own. My doula also had lavender EO which was great (so soothing and calming)….but I guess that’s why it didn’t make my list, because I know my doula + the hospital have those things so I don’t have to worry about taking them! (Which is awesome!) But wouldn’t have thought about the body pillow or blanket – though I can see how they would be so comforting! Truthfully I’m just anticipating that I won’t actually be laboring that long at the hospital…haha, but I guess we shall see! Thanks for sharing your faves! :D

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