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Wardrobe Wednesday | Long Sweaters & Loafers


It’s officially Spring, and while the weather doesn’t seem to have quite gotten the memo yet here in Northern Virginia, I’m so glad that warmer days must surely be on the horizon. And definitely grateful for the few that we’ve gotten sprinkled amongst the chilly ones. It’s soon time not to have to wear an actual coat all the time, and that’s my favorite time to pull out my super long cardigans as a perfect layering pice that adds both style and warmth.

This extremely long sweater I snagged on clearance from Old Navy a couple years ago has proven to be a favorite. It’s actually a few sizes bigger than I normally wear which means that it’s longer and looser than it’s “supposed” to be for my size, but I totally love that. I feel like it adds a fun and somewhat unexpected style flair to have it come all the way to my ankles and creates a fun juxtaposition with the fitted ankle jeans.

Life hack for fellow short-ish people who have trouble finding the proper length in jeans: I didn’t want to actually cut these jeans off, even though they’re too long, because I like rolling them sometimes depending on the outfit, but other times don’t want that visible cuff, so I just cuff them inside to whatever length I want for the shoes I’m wearing! They essentially have the same “look” as if I just cut them off at the length I wanted, but they remain more versatile.

Cardigan: Old Navy (Similar here and here) | Shirt: ThredUp (Similar here) | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: Everlane (bought second hand) | Wallet: Etsy | Sunglasses: Target

Lots of ways to vary up this look: you could do a t-shirt instead of a button down, you could tuck in a shirt instead of knot it, you could also do a pencil skirt instead of jeans. You could also do ankle booties instead of loafers, etc. This is a super all-purpose type of outfit that I think can work for so many occasions and let’s be honest: that nice long sweater does a great job helping to minimize the hips that are still a little bigger than I want. Win/win. Hah!

Thanks to Aaron for shooting these for me (whether he likes it or not, I’m training him well ;).

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