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Man, the last month has basically been one big blur. Aaron and I have traveled a ton, and been pretty much non-stop busy. So, not only am I late in posting this….but I’m a little afraid to see the lack of accomplishment. But that’s ok! Goals are great, and I accomplish so much more by writing […]

April was such a great month (in part because of my birthday), but also because it’s the true beginning of Spring. And May is off to a rather bustling start. Before the month gets away from me too much, I figured it was time for the April recap and May goals! Some of April’s highlights […]

Well, March was a lovely month! In spite of how few of my goals I actually accomplished. :-/ But, several things were fantastic, like getting to shoot two very dear (and adorable) friends (more to come from that shoot!), attending a wedding in Florida, ordering some beautiful large canvas prints, getting the living room painted, […]

Man, today it is so nice in Richmond that I’m having a really hard time making myself sit down and blog and accomplish other computer work. With a high of 79, I really just want to lay out on a blanket and read and soak up some vitamin D. But alas, I’m trying to stay focused…so […]

January was such a wonderful month. I got to travel with Aaron to Oklahoma for a week-long work event of his and do some photo shoots while there, which is always fun. I’m also so grateful I took these last few weeks to really process and plan and set goals for both my personal life […]