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July Goals


Whew! July is half-way over (what?!)….so I figured I’d better hurry and share my goals before the month is completely away from me! But first….a little recap of what June held: Lots of travel, several wonderful coffee dates with friends (including checking out the second Lamplighter location, finally), meeting my newest nephew for the first time, having a few images published in the latest Richmond Bride magazine, seeing my family and attending the last US men’s friendly soccer game before the World Cup (!!!), getting a rug for the living room, a day at Disneyworld with Aaron, going to the new Shyndigz location for the first time, celebrating Baby Spark JUST before his arrival, and randomly meeting a photographer friend while attending a wedding in GA! What a jam-packed awesome month. Seriously!

July Goals_0001

Here’s how June goals turned out:


– Keep being active 3 times per week (Did pretty well with this!)
– Finish 1000 Gifts
– Buy rug for living room
– Hang artwork in living room
– Exchange rugs for the bathroom (Decided to keep them!)
– Write 3 handwritten letters
– Skype with 2 friends (I think I only Skyped with one…)
– Try Bulletproof Coffee


– Hang blinds in office
– Update Engagement gallery on website
– (Really) Make weekly work schedule
– Submit 2 more weddings (Submitted one!)
– Update Album Design workflow chart
– Set aside a day to focus on restructuring prices (Haven’t done it, but I scheduled it!)
– Revisit Powersheets from the first half of this year

Not too terrible….here’s what I’ve been (and will continue) to work on for July!


– Keep being active 3 times per week
– Read 2 chapters in The Meaning of Marriage
– Try 2 new recipes
– Have a sugar-free week
– Sort/get rid of clothes
– Work on the yard (specifically vines growing on the house)
– Hang some art in guest bedrooms


– Hang blinds in office (!)
– Update Engagement gallery on website (!)
– Submit at least 1 wedding
– Brainstorm a styled shoot
– Look into outsourcing album design
– Revisit Powersheets from the first half of this year
– Make “info” sheet for PASS galleries
– Blog next month’s goals at the beginning of the month

I’m planning to get back to posting my goals closer to the beginning of the month, starting in August. Somewhere along the way that really slipped through the cracks. So, here’s hoping! What are a few ways you’re aiming to achieve some goals this month? Would love to hear!

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  1. Those are awesome goals :)
    More cardio to get my heart rate down
    Get the office completely unpacked

    Input all of my current wedding and sessions into droptask
    Pick for blogs while I’m culling

  2. nicole says:

    The folks at Shyndigz are certainly tickled to have been included in your line up! Hope we met your expectations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Thanks for including us!

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