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We kept it pretty simple this year, for a lot of reasons. We didn’t even do a tree (which I was sad about, but agreed was best for this year) but I did DIY these fun cone trees for the mantle, threw together a wreath for the front door and made a fun little vintage photo […]

Um, YOU GUYS HOW IS MY BABY SUCH A TODDLER?! He has grown up SO much in the last 3 months and it’s both shocking and so much fun. I’m in awe of the sweet little human that he is, and constantly learning anew what it means to parent a toddler (both the joys AND […]

  • Clara Costello - He’s so precious, Tori! I miss your family, but it’s so cool to see Llewyn grow through these pictures.ReplyCancel

I love coming together with other brands that I feel passionate about, and one of those has recently been Camplight Apparel. Not only do they have some really great pieces for both adults and kiddos (as well as some fun mugs & other gift type items) but proceeds from each of their sales goes towards […]

  • Rhea - Oh my goodness!! I love your site, it’s so pleasant and cozy but not cluttered at the same time!ReplyCancel

Oh my word. Where to start with this post? This was my last wedding of 2016, but I had been looking forward to it with SO much anticipation since my initial meeting with Katie & Nick back in January. Maybe it’s that I honestly felt like fast friends with them (and Katie’s mom!) from the […]

  • Tom and Cecile Miller - Thank you for sharing this incredibly beautiful group of pictures, and congratulations to all the wedding party and families.ReplyCancel

  • Caitlin - Hi! I really love their invitations. Where are they from?ReplyCancel