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Margot Monthly | 12 Months + 1st Birthday Party


Somehow it’s been over 3 months since Margot’s birthday, and it’s crazy how much she’s grown and changed even from October. But, of course, I had to wrap up all of her first year photo posts by sharing her 12 month photos + some shots from the little birthday celebration we had for her. We kept it low-key, but it was still sweet and special and we loved celebrating our girl!

T W E L V E | M O N T H S

It is unreal to me that it’s been a whole year, but what a wonderful one it was! This girl at 12 months is so spunky and joyful and a real thrill seeker as her favorite thing is still being tossed in the air by Daddy. She’s added “hi” to her vocabulary and “yay” as well. She also loves Cooper and definitely has a consistent “p” sort of mutter she says for him. She’s crawling FAST and pulling up on all the things, cruising some and stood unassisted for a couple seconds. She does a fun bounce/dance when on her knees especially when music is put on or whenever she’s excited. Her favorite foods remain sweet potato, banana and black beans but we’re constantly expanding and trying new things. She’s great at & loves playing “catch” – gets the ball when rolled to her and consistently tosses it. She is starting to mimmick some sounds – like “meow” when reading animal books and it’s so cute. She is truly growing and changing daily and her personality shines so brightly. She’s still just rocking two bottom teeth, but seems to be actively working on some top side ones. I love my sweet girl so much and what a gift it is to have her in our family!

B I R T H D A Y | P A R T Y

As you can see, she was pretty into her first cupcake ever, and while less interested in opening presents, she enjoyed playing with them once they were uncovered (and Llewyn was happy to assist). I made Llewyn’s First Birthday Hat, so I wanted to continue the tradition and make one for Margot. I made her’s a complete different style because I knew there was no way she was keeping a traditional hat with elastic on. This little clip type worked great! I love that these are simple little keepsakes from their first birthdays that were made personally for them, and will be fun to pull back out and look back on.

Here’s to the best first year with Margot, and to all the ways she’s continuing to learn and grow! Stay tuned for a 15-month update coming in the near future, too, since she’s already 15 months…haha!

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