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Christmas Decor 2014


Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things because it just makes the house so cozy and happy! Last year, while we were in our house already, the living room was in much need of being painted, so it was just a kind of “make do” with how things are. It’s been so much more fun to decorate this space this year now that it’s a color pallet we love. So, I thought I would share a little bit of the Christmas happiness with you all!

Christmas Decorations House Decor_0001
Christmas Decorations House Decor_0011
Christmas Decorations House Decor_0021
Christmas Decorations House Decor_0003
Christmas Decorations House Decor_0002

Love the cute letters I found for our stockings at Anthro. Too bad we don’t know Baby’s gender/name, yet. I’ll just have to hope they have the same ones next year!

Christmas Decorations House Decor_0004
Christmas Decorations House Decor_0015
Christmas Decorations House Decor_0017

This vintage Nativity set is a favorite thing to put out because it’s the one my dad grew up with. My Grandma gifted it to me our first year of marriage and it’s fun to have some family history in our decor. :)

Christmas Decorations House Decor_0025
Christmas Decorations House Decor_0005
Christmas Decorations House Decor_0030

This little ornament is one of my favorites from childhood, and somehow makes me think of what Baby might look like if we have a girl. :)

Christmas Decorations House Decor_0010
Christmas Decorations House Decor_0006
Christmas Decorations House Decor_0013
Christmas Decorations House Decor_0008
Christmas Decorations House Decor_0027
Christmas Decorations House Decor_0020

Clearly you’ve picked up on the fact that the living room decor is entirely Cooper & Penny approved. When they’re not laying under the tree, they’re generally found in this chair and/or the blanket basket. They’re all about comfort, for sure.

Christmas Decorations House Decor_0022
Christmas Decorations House Decor_0014
Christmas Decorations House Decor_0028
Christmas Decorations House Decor_0012

Do you like to go all out when decorating for the season, or do you keep it simple? If you’ve blogged or Instagrammed any of your decor, I’d love to see! Feel free to share links in the comment section. :) For anyone interested, here are a few details of some of the items I’ve been asked about when people have visited:

Wall color: Nocturnal Gray, Benjamin Moore | Mantle Wreath: A DIY I did based on this tutorial | Aaron’s Stocking: Amazon | Baby’s Stocking: | My Stocking: Target | Stocking Letters: Anthropologie

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  1. Ervina says:

    Oh my goodness, I love every single thing about it! With having moved right before Christmas this year, my house isn’t looking as festive and beautiful as I’d like, but it’s fun to see everyone else’s creativity come to life! You nailed it beautifully, as usual.

  2. I love this post! Christmas traditions are so fun, and I love seeing how you are turning your house into a home for the holidays! xoxo!

  3. claudia says:

    absolutely love your decor :) every picture had me smiling from ear to ear. and i love your nativity set, beautiful.

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