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The Tori Watson Rebrand + Give-Away!


You guyyyyys. THE DAY HAS COME. We’ve been hard at work for the last week (and beyond) to finalize all of the details to get everything right and it’s finally done! Just LOOK at this shiny new blog home! Isn’t it just the best?! I’m SO thrilled with my new branding! If you haven’t, yet, you of COURSE need to go check out the fabulous new site, as well! Jennifer Olmstead has outdone herself, yet again, and I’m so, so excited for this new online presence to better encompass my new brand. These are exciting times!

And, of course, there’s no better way to celebrate a new launch than with a fun give-away! One of the things I’ve always been really excited about is supporting other small, creative businesses. The fact that I can do that as part of my business, as well as my personal shopping, is so great to me. It gives everything so much more meaning to know it was locally made, or hand made by other people who have poured their heart and soul into making their own business successful, as I’ve done for mine.

So, for this fun round-up of items, I gathered some of my favorite things from a few fabulous Richmond-owned businesses because there’s nothing more fitting for my new brand than wanting to share some of the things I enjoy most with YOU!

Tori Watson Photography Give Away_0002

Here’s what you get in this wonderful bundle:

– A June Jar: I literally use mine every single day. I love this thing! It’s BPA-free and the perfect size to help make sure you’re drinking enough water, or taking your favorite smoothie or iced coffee beverage with you on the go, or throughout your house. Plus, the company is owned by my sweet friend Amelia!

– A bag of Lamplighter’s Tall Bike Blend coffee: This is my favorite local coffee shop, and on top of having some of the best coffee around, they have two adorable locations and amazing branding. I love the coffee, myself, but it’s also one of my favorites to give as a gift because I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love it!

Square Trade Goods Fig & Sage Candle: I absolutely love candles. I pretty much have one burning on my desk at all times, and I positively love these locally made ones. They have some of the most unique scents and the Fig & Sage is my top favorite. It’s guaranteed to make your home or office a happier, more relaxing place!

– Beautiful handmade leather sunglasses case from Helm & Craft, purchased at my favorite local vintage store Addison Handmade & Vintage: I’m a sucker for handcrafted leather goods, and this case caught my eye as soon as I saw it! I tend to throw my sunglasses in my purse whenever not wearing them, yet I’m always worried about scratching them up. This solves all of those problems for anyone else who may have the same predicament!

– Wonderfully boho earrings from Eometrie, also purchased at Addison Handmade & Vintage: My favorite types of earrings, lately, are fun and unique studs. I’ve been eyeing several pieces from her and think these beautiful earrings would make such a fun addition to any wardrobe!

– Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels from Gearhart’s Chocolates: This local company makes some delicious stuff, but these knock it out of the park. Dark chocolate caramels are my favorite type of candies, and they know how to do them right!

Tori Watson Photography Give Away_0004Tori Watson Photography Give Away_0005Tori Watson Photography Give Away_0009Tori Watson Photography Give Away_0010Tori Watson Photography Give Away_0008Tori Watson Photography Give Away_0013Tori Watson Photography Give Away_0006Tori Watson Photography Give Away_0011

Lots of good stuff, right?! I’d love to keep all of it for myself, but hopefully whoever wins will enjoy it as much as I would. :) Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter the give-away! I will announce the winner next Monday!

Thanks again to all of you for your support and excitement in my business over these 7 years, and for your encouragement as I take this new step in the branding. I’m so excited for all that is yet to come and to continue to share life with you all through this beautiful corner of the internet!

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  1. Lauren says:

    It looks absolutely amazing!!!!

  2. Erin says:

    Tori! Love the new brand! Eometrie is my best friends sisters business! So exciting to see you give away some of her earrings! <3

  3. Karen says:

    Oh Tori, this is phenomenal and SO gorgeous and perfect and YOU!!! Your promo video is my favorite ever and you are so beautiful and talented my friend!! I love, love, love every part of this and can’t wait to see what this year holds for you!! (Especially that little one). Love you friend!!

  4. Jess says:

    What a special day! I love the new branding and everything looks wonderful. Congratulations!

  5. Paula says:

    Your rebrand looks killerrrr. Everything looks so amazing!

  6. Jill says:

    This is so beautiful! Really excited for this new brand and site! Everything looks lovely, Tori. :)

  7. Anastasia says:

    The rebrand looks so beautiful, Tori! Congrats!

  8. Erica R, says:

    Such an adorable giveaway! I’d love to win because I am such a fan of local, handpicked goodies!

  9. Rachel says:

    Beautiful new brand and I LOVE your new video!! AH!

  10. ali says:

    1. wow. just wow. Tori, your brand SHINES!!! 2. THAT VIDEO!!!!!! OBSESSEDDDDD!!!! Need their info…

  11. Just when I thought your brand/site couldn’t get any better… it did! Love the new name and new look, Tori!

  12. where to begin?? each of these items is to die for. enough said? :)

  13. Amanda says:

    So much fun – love the vintage style!!

  14. Krissy says:

    Such a lovely, curated collection

  15. SharaLee says:

    How exciting!

  16. Looks amazing!!!! Gorgeous!

  17. Alicia White says:

    I know how much hard work goes into rebranding and creating a new website, and this looks so gorgeous! Plus this giveaway is so darling ;-) congrats!!

  18. Micala says:

    Love the new site Tori!!! So gorgeous, and really gives great insight into who you are and what you’re about!! Awesome video as well!

  19. This is beautiful, Tori! It just feels so much like you. So exciting to see your brand evolve! Xoxo!

  20. Hannah H says:

    Oh my goodness, these all look amazing!

  21. Amy says:

    This is so lovely! I’m super excited about the whole look. And that tagline–it kills!

  22. Jen Jar says:

    This new brand could not be more perfect for you! Congrats love! What a great start to an amazing year for you :) :) :)

  23. Brianna says:

    Absolutely beautiful, never surprised by Jen’s work, gorgeous!!

  24. Rebecca says:

    What lovely items! They’re all so rustic and beautiful and look so well-made. Sweet giveaway!

  25. 17Apart says:

    TORI! Wow, everything about this re-launch is stunning — and SO you. Just lost myself scrolling through your blog and new site, it’s gorgeous.

    Looking forward to seeing what the new year brings and following along with your great news :)

    Mary & Tim

  26. rebekah j. says:

    yayyyyyy! i’m so proud of how much pretty you guys made and just slightly obsessed with your video. so so good!

  27. Emma J says:

    Congrats on the new branding! It looks awesome! Love that your giveaway supports other local businesses!

  28. hilary says:

    these are a few of my favorite things…

  29. Andrea Pesce says:

    This looks amazing!! I don’t know you – but now I want to :) And I love that you kept the items local to RVA!

  30. Giann says:

    I am really excited about your new site! It looks so great!! :)

  31. Emily Crall says:

    Ahh!! It’s stunning!! Congratulations!!!!

  32. Treneka says:

    Love the new site & blog!! Everything looks lovely!!

  33. Lydia says:

    I love supporting local small businesses and who wouldn’t want to win all this?!

  34. Oh my gosh WOW. So i’ve clearly been out of it these past few weeks….i am STUNNED by your new website woman and your promo video is SO RAD. I ADORE IT. It is SO YOU and just absolutely PERFECT. Loved hanging out with you this past week – you inspire me so much, and i’m glad to be a friend (and fan-girl ;) )


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