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Introducing: Handmade Photo Boxes


If you’ve been following my business for a while, now, or have read the information section on my website, then you know that the products I choose to offer to my clients are given careful consideration. I’ve never been all about using the “it” brand just because it’s popular, but rather want to offer simple, beautiful products that have meaning and help my clients best remember their special moments. It’s always a bonus, as well, when it’s a small business started by other creatives because nothing makes me happier than knowing that I’m helping support someone else’s dream in doing what they love. So when I first came across these gorgeous handmade wooden photo boxes from HH Boogie over a year ago, I was instantly drawn to how beautiful they are. The concept of having a special place to keep and display photos from your session is great, but I also love the versatility of being able to add additional photos or keepsakes to these boxes as the years go by. So I’m THRILLED to now be offering this small photo box fit for 4 x 6 prints for engagement and portrait sessions. Of course it could also be added on for a wedding, but I’m still in love with the concept of a leather wedding album, so I’m by no means doing away with that. But the two products come together to offer exactly what I want for my clients, and of course it doesn’t hurt that it goes beautifully with my branding, as well. I apologize for the amount of photos….but it was just so fun and pretty to photograph!

HH Boogie Handmade Photo Box_0011HH Boogie Handmade Photo Box_0008HH Boogie Handmade Photo Box_0005HH Boogie Handmade Photo Box_0007HH Boogie Handmade Photo Box_0006HH Boogie Handmade Photo Box_0002HH Boogie Handmade Photo Box_0009HH Boogie Handmade Photo Box_0004

Gorgeous, right?? They even come with these tiny little bottles you can put meaningful things in, as well. How fun is that?? I can’t wait to have my clients enjoy their images in such a beautiful way!

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  1. Rici says:

    Such a sweet idea!

  2. Mallory says:

    Love them! We just started offering these as well! Where are those prints from?

    • Tori says:

      Mallory, these prints are from ProDPI, but I think you can get prints with white borders from a number of other places, as well! I’ve ordered from WHCC in the past, also.

  3. Natalie says:

    These are so gorgeous!! Love the pictures in the box idea.

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