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Baby Bump | Weeks 37, 38, 39 & 40


So, now that Llewyn is over a week old, I figured it was time to blog the rest of my bump photos and give you an update on the end of the pregnancy. I hope to blog the birth story (non-graphically, don’t worry ;) soon, as well, but naturally that needs to come after this. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a 41 week picture, and he was actually born at 41 weeks and 1 day. But, by that point pictures were the last thing on my mind. So, while I wish I had one to document that final week, picture or not, I know that I LIVED that final week….so I guess that’s enough. ;)

Baby Bump Maternity Photo Update_0001Baby Bump Maternity Photo Update_0002

Here’s a rundown of how things went in the final 4 weeks:

  • I was feeling great up until 40 weeks to the day – my actual due date. I was still sleeping well, and aside from some feet swelling, I didn’t really have any significant pain or issues of any kind. But ALL of that changed on June 5th….
  • I started having contractions the morning of June 5th, but they tapered off by the end of the day. However, they continued throughout the entire next week. More details on this to come when I blog the birth story, but let’s just say all of week 40 was pretty rough.
  • I watched a lot of Friends on Netflix and tried to wait patiently for labor to really happen.
  • Spent a few days at the neighborhood pool which felt great in relieving some of the pressure of a giant, full-term belly.
  • My Mom arrived at the beginning of week 40 when I thought I was in labor, so she was around to help distract me as I waited, which was nice.
  • Definitely had bursts of legitimate “nesting” these last four weeks. It came and went in waves, and we got the house (mostly) in order before he arrived. Still need to hang the mobile in the nursery, but that’s about it…
  • Bummed that I didn’t get his nursery blogged before his arrival, but in my defense, we were waiting on said mobile to arrive. Full nursery decor will be coming soon, though!
  • If you notice in the photos, I basically had two pairs of shoes that fit me by the end of the pregnancy. Feet swelling is no joke.

All in all, the pregnancy was really smooth….but with a fairly rough ending/actual labor. But maybe I had that coming since the previous 9 months were so easy. Either way, I’m grateful that I have a healthy baby boy and that I came out in one piece! Stay tuned for more on the actual birth to come, soon….

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  1. Nancie says:

    Congratulations!!!! We are so thrilled for you 3 – God bless you richly! – Nancie & Marcos

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