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December Goals


Guys, this year REALLY IS almost over. I can’t believe it. I feel like every year flies by, but this one in particular has been such a whirlwind.

So many fun things happened in November, and as usual here is a little highlight reel: had my 5th wedding anniversary, celebrated Llewyn turning 5 months, collaborated on a fabulous styled shoot with some great vendors, did fun headshots for a good friend, finally got to see Newsies (!!!), got featured by Grit & Virtue, and enjoyed going to Michigan to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, and the beginning of the Christmas season! Such a good month.

December Goals November Instagram Recap_0001

Here’s how the November goals ended up:


  • Stay up to date on writing in Llewyn’s baby book
  • Shop for and buy at least half of our Christmas gifts
  • Go gluten/dairy free (for Llewyn’s skin)
  • Get Llewyn a coat before Thanksgiving in Michigan!
  • Invite someone to MOPS (I need to follow up better, though!)
  • Get a family photo taken for Christmas cards
  • Order Christmas cards!
  • Figure out how to make dairy-free hot chocolate (I cheated and just bought some….)


  • Keep blogging at least twice a week
  • Finish restocking all shipping supplies
  • Finish all editing for 2015 (Just have a styled shoot to finish up!)
  • Mail out client gifts
  • Collaborate on styled shoot with fellow vendors
  • Watch 1-2 installments of an educational webinar
  • Submit 1-2 more weddings
  • Update 1 gallery on website

So, I made progress on some of those business goals, but didn’t quite get them finished up. Realistically, they’ll probably be put off until January, but we shall see! Here’s what I hope to get done with the rest of December before Christmas!


  • Mail out Christmas cards before the week of Christmas
  • Write 6-month info in Llewyn’s baby book
  • Attend at least one Christmassy girls-night
  • Catch up on reading for community group
  • Photograph this year’s Christmas decor
  • Sort through Llewyn’s clothes and pack away stuff that is too small
  • Watch my remaining favorite Christmas movies!


  • Mail out client gifts
  • Watch 1-2 installments of an educational webinar
  • Submit 1-2 more weddings
  • Buy paper shredder
  • Clean office
  • Photograph office
  • Hire someone to help with tax prep in January
  • Start writing 2015 goals

I’m loving the Christmas season, and am so excited for all of the time with family and friends still to come before the end of the year. But I always have this panic/rush of ALL THE THINGS I should get done before the end of the year. Trying to be realistic, though, and remembering that January, for me, is often completely set aside to write new goals and get myself “set” for the year, because usually that just doesn’t happen before the end of December. But, I digress.

What are your last goals for 2015?

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