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April Goals + Turning 30


Today is the day. The very first time I come to you on this beautiful blog as a no-longer-20-something. Thankfully I’d been mentally preparing myself for this over the last couple of months by rounding up my age to 30 in my head so it wouldn’t seem like too much of a shock when it actually got here. And while I DO suddenly have more gray hair over the last couple of months….I’m feeling pretty good about starting this new decade. As I see it, the best is still yet to come, and my life is more joyful and fulfilling than ever. So, for anyone else about to hit this milestone, it’s really not so bad. Promise. ;)

Tori Watson Photography Instagram Recap and April Goals_0002

But for the main purpose of today’s post, let’s recap the March goals and check out what’s in store for this month!

Every month has it’s highs, but March had a lot of lows. We had over two solid weeks of sickness, on top of already having some weight gain issues for Llewyn, and I’ve lost count of how many doctor appointments we went to. Check ins, specialists, second opinions. It’s been a lot. But, there were so many happy moments in spite of the struggle. Like Llewyn’s first Easter, coffee dates with friends, my parents visiting, some lovely engagement sessions, Spring blooms, and sandal-weather.

Tori Watson Photography Instagram Recap and April Goals_0003March goals, recap:


  • Keep working out twice a week
  • Drink at least 3 tumblers of water per day
  • KonMari paper category
  • Sell clothes & get rid of anything that doesn’t sell
  • Figure out how I want to celebrate my birthday next month
  • Update info in Llewyn’s baby book


  • Clean office
  • Submit 1-2 more shoots
  • Create/share ideal weekly schedule
  • Order sample bridal guide & check for any printing errors
  • Work on transferring info & setting up new computer
  • Update website galleries
  • Create new web page draft (started this!)

Not gonna lie, all of the sickness really set me back on work this past month. But I have no regrets about prioritizing my son and his health above everything else. Still, I hope to get more done this month, before April is over. So here are this month’s goals:


  • Get back to working out at least twice a week
  • Call/write grandparents
  • Buy fabric for chair reupholstery
  • Update info in Llewyn’s baby book
  • Begin searching for new tv/media stand


  • KonMari & clean office
  • Submit 1-2 more shoots
  • Create/share ideal weekly schedule
  • Finish transferring info to new computer
  • Take in iMac to get hard drive fixed
  • Update website galleries
  • Create new web page draft
  • Order final copies of wedding guide

What’s your main goal for this month, and a favorite highlight from last month?

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