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Introducing: NewHumans Knit Co.


Friends! I’m so excited about today’s post! It’s been in the works for a while, and the fact that the time has finally come is just too exciting to contain! By now, you know that three things I’m passionate about are: 1) style (obviously), 2) supporting small businesses and 3) businesses that give back – putting a purpose behind their product. So when ALL THREE of those things can get combined into one it’s something I will jump on board with in a heartbeat! I got together a few weeks ago with my friend Shannon (who is a fellow photographer) to shoot inventory images for her brand new company New Humans Co. knitwear which launches tomorrow! In anticipation of her exciting shop launch (just in time for holiday shopping!) I wanted to share some of the photos as a preview, and a little interview to let you get familiar with her brand, vision and gorgeous products.


First things first, tell us a little bit about YOU, the talent behind NewHumans Knit Co!

My name is Shannon Pierce! I’m 21 years old and I have been knitting since I was about 8! I was a shy kid and always enjoyed being left alone because that was where I’d go to experiment with my creativity. Anything that had to do with needles and string was my passion – knitting, weaving, embroidering, sewing, I did and still do it all! I couldn’t read well until I was about 9 or 10 so I actually taught myself from pictures in knitting books I’d get at the library. I loved figuring things out for myself as a kid and setting those little personal goals.


What was your inspiration behind starting the company?

One day I decided to pop in an old album by Switchfoot as I was driving and the song “New Way to be Human” came on and the lyrics hit me hard with a huge idea that I knew right away I needed to pursue.

The lyrics say “everyday it’s the same thing, another trend has begun. Hey kids! This might be the one…with all of our fashion we’re still incomplete. A God of redemption could break our routine. There’s a new way to be human. It’s nothing we’ve ever been”

As I was driving in this particular area I had flashbacks of when I was a kid going to the pumpkin patch which is now a 7-Eleven, or driving through farmland and forests which is now the most popular mall in town, and still growing. For miles and miles all you can see is places to buy things; things we don’t even need. But we so desperately think we do in fact need things because it’s the way we are marketed to. It’s the fast fashion culture we live in. 

While we complain about being broke millennials(and wear that status like a badge for some reason..) other cultures are suffering. Barely surviving. It’s time to raise our standards, buy with a higher purpose and help others before we help ourselves. This means shopping small, local and having a minimal mindset when it comes to the game of “want vs. need”. I believe there’s a whole new way to shop, think and live: to put others first. To make that our daily routine. That’s the mission of NewHumans. 


I LOVE that you want to give back as you build your business. What are some of the charities and causes that you plan to support with the proceeds?

I plan to focus on the impoverished and endangered. One of my personal goals before I die is to raise enough money to dig a well. But there are so many ways the world needs help right now, even a $10 bed net could save three children from dying of malaria. My husband and I both sponsor children through World Vision and we’ve been so inspired by the many ways they have allowed us to give through their organization. This will be the main way NewHumans gives back for the foreseeable future.

This Christmas season, specifically, I will use 20% of proceeds from my products to buy an impoverished village farm animals to help provide them with income and nutrition. 


Where will NewHumans items be available to buy?

NewHumans will make it’s debut on Etsy! We plan to grow into a website the coming years (we have lots of big plans for this brand!) but for now you’ll be able to find all the coziness on Etsy as NewHumans.


I hope you all are as excited as I am about this awesome new venture! There’s nothing better than being able to thoughtfully shop for yourself and others by choosing to support small businesses, especially ones that are intentionally giving to those who need it. Not to mention, I’m literally in love with all of her gorgeous pieces! I snagged two scarves and a hat for myself and have been wearing them non-stop! Her craftsmanship is top-notch and her colors are perfection.

Be sure to keep up with all things NewHumans on Instagram and Facebook to know when everything launches tomorrow and to be the first in the know when she lists new items or runs any sales! Cheers to Shannon and her beautiful heart and using her talent to make a positive impact in the lives of those in need!

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