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Embracing Change (An Announcement)


Friends, if you’ve been following my Instagram over the last few months, then you may have picked up on the fact that the possibility of change has been on the horizon. After Aaron transitioned out of his job of 8 years, we really had no idea what the next best step for us was, but trusted (and prayed) that God would make it clear. So, when Aaron got offered a great job up in Arlington, and thing after thing fell into place, we couldn’t deny any longer that this seemed to be what and how God was leading us. It is incredibly bittersweet to make this announcement because we weren’t looking for change that would take us out of Richmond. It hurts in many ways to leave this community, and the people we love doing life with. But in so many other ways, there is room for excitement, hope and joy. I know that change can be good, and God knows that unless I’m forced into it, I probably would never choose it. I’m also grateful to remember that it’s only 2 hours away, not 12. We will still get to come back and visit, and I can still remain in the Richmond market for weddings – both of which are definite pluses!

Our house was on the market for one week and is officially under contract – which is such a huge answer to prayer! We are so, so sad to leave this home that we love – the first house we bought, and where we started our family – but I also know that my true home is wherever the two guys I love most are. While there are still several moving parts before our closing in early March, I’m believing that God is going to continue to provide for us through this transition, since it so obviously seems to have His favor over it.

So friends, there you have it. We can hide it no longer: we are moving to Northern VA! Please pray for us over these next several weeks, if you’d be so inclined. For peace as we continue to process the sad parts of this change, and embrace the exciting ones. For trust in all the details of the house between now and closing, and for a great place up there that we can start a new chapter in together as a family. Your support and encouragement in this time of transition would mean the world!

I’m grateful for all the ways that God has calmed and comforted my heart during the unknown, and even now as we stare change directly in the face. I know He will be faithful and I’m excited to see how He will continue to exceed my expectations and bless us along the way, as we go where He leads.

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  1. Yes and amen. You are going where He leads, which is so hard, and so good. All the feels for this post, sweet friend. Praying for increased trust, joy in the midst of chaos, and focus for your heart on He who is faithful.

  2. Nancie Silva says:

    Congratulations on the new job for Aaron! God bless you on this exciting new chapter in your lives – sending up a prayer for you right now…. In Christ, Nancie

  3. Angie says:

    We serve an awesome God. So faithful. I’m very excited for
    you. New adventures await!

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