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Wardrobe Wednesday | Spring Basics


We’re a bit overdue for another Wardrobe Wednesday and I particularly love the warm neutral tones of this week’s outfit. I always love browns mixed with denim and this is no exception. But, for those who saw my announcement last week, I will readily admit this was photographed before I was pregnant and no, this skirt does not currently fit me like this. ;) Haha. But I’ll be excited to get back into it after this next baby arrives, and the colors are still ones I’m finding ways to wear even as my wardrobe starts to get more limited.

Inspiration photo source. All others taken by Kaytee Lauren, edited by me.

In addition to just loving this outfit full of basic pieces, I love that each of them can be found/thrifted for very low cost. I know that thrifting takes some patience, and maybe a bit of luck, but you really can find so many great staple pieces for amazing prices when you’re willing to give it some time. Almost all of my vintage leather loafers have been thrifted for insanely great prices (like $5 or less), and it’s amazing what you can do with a simple/basic skirt like this from Target or H&M (or other comparable stores). It then leaves endless options with accessories to mix in, but also still looks cute if you keep it simple (i.e. no belt, no jewelry, just grab a purse and go!)

Skirt: Target, $19 | Shirt: Given to me | Purse: Thrifted, $4 | Shoes: Thrifted, $4 | Glasses: Target, $14

What do you find is your greatest challenge in adding basic/staple pieces to your wardrobe? Mine definitely used to be that I always got distracted by buying statement pieces all the time that I would lose interested in after a few months, instead of making sure I had a solid foundation of great basics that could be mixed and matched and used over and over.

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