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Wardrobe Wednesday | A LipSense Review


Today we’re switching it up for Wardrobe Wednesday with a fun little product review! Finding some good cosmetics – especially when it comes to easy “accessories” like nail polish and lipstick – is just as important as finding your own voice in your clothing, so I love to share about my own favorite items and experiences with different products as just a regular person (aka, not an expert by any means). So without further ado….here’s my take on LipSense after giving it a try!

If you’re a female and you’re on Facebook at all, chances are you’ve seen this LipSense stuff pop up and have maybe found yourself wondering what the deal is. It claims to be super long lasting (up to 16 hours!) and are vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free. I didn’t really do any of my own research into them, but my interest was piqued when a friend who is a consultant reached out and asked if I wanted to try it out in exchange for a review of the product, so of course I thought that would be great opportunity and here are my opinions!


  • The products come in a variety of really pretty colors and different finishes (matte, glossy and metallic) that you can even layer with each other to create your own looks! I chose to try out Nutmeg even though I would typically never go for a metallic finish, but I really love the color. Kind of a coppery red and a nice rich tone.
  • While it didn’t last for 16 hours for me, it DID last a solid 8! That’s pretty impressive for a lip color.
  • Great for mamas and wedding photographers who don’t have time to think about reapplying lip color throughout the day AND want to make sure it doesn’t easily wipe off (onto a wedding dress you’re photographing, or onto your toddler’s shirt, etc)
  • The clear gloss layer overtop keeps your lips feeling nice and moisturized


  • Tingles/burns a little when you apply it. I’m told it’s from the alcohol it contains and it’s not harmful at all, but I had a tiny cut on my lip when I first put it on and it was a biiiiit painful. Other applications were just a tingle, but still takes some getting used to.
  • Learning curve (for me) with applying dark color with a lipgloss wand as I was always used to more of a solid lipstick application. Just took some practice to get the line around my lip even.
  • Though at first glance it seems pretty natural, I’ve read some articles/reviews that talk more about their ingredients and it’s not a “crunchy” beauty product. Since my goal is to continue to detox my cosmetics and beauty regime, this probably wouldn’t become a regular simply because of that. I want to replace items I currently use with more natural options, not fall in love with other products that are full of just as many chemical things. But that’s obviously a personal opinion and not a reflection on the effectiveness of the product!
  • You have to reapply the top gloss a few times throughout the day for the color to last. Not a huge con, but definitely still something to do/remember in order to get the most out of it!
  • It’s a bit pricey for what I would typically spend on a lip color, but this MIGHT even out over time if you didn’t have to purchase as often since you don’t have to reapply as often. And for those who are already buying more professional grade cosmetics on the regular, then this price probably wouldn’t seem out of the norm to you at all!


I think for the most part this product is and does what it says: it’s a high quality long-lasting, smudge-proof lip color! If you’re in the market for that and not particularly in the “crunchy” realm of cosmetics, then I think you’d probably love this! I definitely love the colors they offer and will for sure still pull this out on occasion for shooting weddings or long days when I want to have that extra “pop” without worrying about reapplying throughout the day. If you want to try some out for yourself, check out my friend Amanda’s Facebook page and she can get you all set up with your first LipSense kit!

Anyone else tried out LipSense? Are you a total convert, or a little skeptical? Would love to hear any/all of your personal experiences with it, as well!

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