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Baby #2 Bumpdate: Weeks 22 – 27


Time for another bumpdate, and crazy to me that this is the last one from the 2nd trimester! As of Monday I will officially be in the 3rd which is exciting and crazy all at the same time! There’s lots I want to get done in the next 3 months: shoot my final 2 weddings, get Llewyn’s “big boy” room put together, get Margot’s nursery put together, read another book about natural birth (just to refresh and re-inspire myself as I prepare for this labor) and of course savor every moment of life with just Llewyn before it changes. I know it will be changing in the best way, but I also know it will be an adjustment for all of us. So, hoping we can do some special family things that will be fun for Llewyn, too.

A few Q&A’s:

  • How are you feeling? Overall still really good! Struggling with sleep a little more some nights, and having some leg cramps. Also continuing to have the occasional sciatic issues. But really grateful they don’t seem to be getting worse!
  • Are you craving anything specific? Really nothing specific aside from sweet stuff in general. Which was definitely not an issue with Llewyn’s pregnancy. I hardly wanted sweet stuff at all, and this time it’s muuuuch more of a struggle to keep it balanced. Thankfully I ALSO still crave lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and my weight gain thus far is totally on target. But it’s hard to keep the desire for certain foods reigned in, for sure!
  • Any highlights from the last few weeks? Feeling Margot move and kick around so much, now! It took a little longer to really feel her movements than it did with Llewyn (apparently due to the placenta position this time around) but it makes me feel so much more connected to her to be able to really feel her in there. Also, Llewyn turning 2 and having my brother and sister-in-law moving just 15 minutes away (the first time we will have ever gotten to live close to family since getting married)! It’s been a great few weeks. :)

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